Roddy Williams

Bridget Mariott

My wife and I relocated to College Station and just had a 1 day visit to determine where we would live. A friend recommended Bridget and we are extremely thankful. After that visit we had to deal with all the aspects of purchasing the new home from a long distance. Prior to making our visit I talked to Bridget a number of times and she was well prepared to show us new properties. We still have our home in Kentucky, and because of her knowledge of our wants and desires she was able to find a home just like our dream home we just had recently built in Louisville.

It was like having a family member locally to assist us from hundreds of miles away. Her responsiveness, knowledge, professionalism, and attitude made my wife and I feel very comfortable thought-out the process. If you have a chance to work with her I would recommend you do so. I believe we also have gained a new friend in the process and that is an added benefit we have the privilege of gaining.