Elevating Your Outdoor Space for the Summer

Outdoor Summer Space

Warmer weather means it’s the best time ever to get outdoors. But maybe you haven’t paid as much mind to making your outdoor space homey as you have your interiors over the past year – or perhaps you just want to do a bit of sprucing up. Either way, we’ve got a few tips on hand to help create an outdoor space that’s enjoyable for all occasions. Check them out below!

1. Make it cozy: If your outdoor space isn’t currently a place you enjoy spending time relaxing or lounging, make it so by adding the comforts you enjoy indoors. Add some outdoor furniture, accent pillows, and blankets specifically designated for this space. And if you want to enjoy your outdoor space even after it rains or beyond the summer months, make sure your furniture is weather-resistant – materials like powder-coated steel, teak, and polyresin wicker are built to withstand the elements and last through many seasons.

2. Keep it cool: If you’re discouraged from spending time outside because of overbearing sunshine and heat, add some shade with an outdoor awning or spacious umbrella.

3. String some lights: With summer temperatures reaching their peak during the daytime, summer nights might be the best time for you to safely and comfortably enjoy your outdoor space. String up outdoor lights or lanterns to bring warmth and illuminate your space at all times of the day.

4. Bring the heat: Nothing says summertime fun like a barbecue or cookout. Bring your kitchen outdoors by adding a grill. Though it may be an investment, it’s one that’s guaranteed to serve you and your family well into the cooler months – and for years to come. Or consider adding a functional fire pit for roasting s’mores and other bites and for keeping warm during the cooler months.

5. Add some plants: Even limited outdoor space presents an opportunity to plant hassle-free foliage, like seasonal flowers, herbs, vegetables, and ferns. Dually, greenery adds a nice pop of color and serves as décor while also creating a lush and welcoming outdoor space. And tending to your newly curated garden will give you even more reason to spend time outside during all months of the year.

6. Make it adaptable: Your outdoor space can be just as functional as your home, if not more. Each of these additions will help you create a space where you want to work, lounge, entertain, and play with your family and friends while enjoying the warmer weather.

The options for sprucing up your outdoor space aren’t limited to the tips above – get creative in curating a space that incentivizes you and your family to make the best use of your outside space during the summer months and throughout the whole year. Your outdoor space is an extension of your home itself and making it feel like so can and should be a fun and worthwhile project. In the long run, it’s a fantastic way to amplify your curb appeal and get your home ready for sale.

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