Six Tips for Selling Your Home in the Summer

Selling Your Home in the Summer

Summer is a time of year everyone has reason to look forward to – warmer temperatures, backyard barbecues, and long-overdue vacations are well-worth the anticipation, especially after the previous year. But homeowners looking to sell might feel some hesitation as the summer months roll in, given the season is not the most popular time of year to place a home on the market.

Despite the naysayers, folks are always looking for homes, no matter what time of year it is. To give yourself the best odds of getting your home off the market and into the hands of another family, check out our six tips for a successful home sale during the summertime below.

1. Showcase the exterior ­­– When selling your home, presentation is everything. Paying special attention to the exterior of your home can help you create valuable curb appeal and attract additional homebuyers, which is even more important during the off-season. Make sure the outside of your home is clean and your green space is in tip-top shape to give yourself the best odds for sale possible.

2. Keep the lawn trimmed – Longer days with longer hours of sunshine mean that the grass grows faster in the summer. Mow your lawn regularly, up to twice a week, to maintain your home’s curb appeal.

3. Hydrate your greenery – Water plants, shrubs, flowers and trees regularly to make sure your outdoor space remains lively and vibrant.

4. Make the most of your outdoor space – Though summer may not be the best time to sell a home, it is a great time to showcase outdoor living space, which could include anything from decks, porches, grilling areas, and furnished outdoor rooms. Even if it’s minimal, make the most of the space you have; consider adding patio or backyard furniture to give potential buyers an idea of how they might use the outdoor space during the warmer months.

5. Let the light in – The summer sunshine is your best friend when trying to sell your home. Remove heavy drapes and keep curtains or blinds drawn when showing your home to potential buyers to give them a glimpse of a warm and welcoming summertime space.

6. Keep it cool – Summer temperatures in Texas can get quite high. Make sure to keep the A/C running, the fans going, and to have refreshments on hand. A slight increase in your electricity bill is a worthwhile trade-off is you’re committed to selling your home.

Selling your home in the summer requires more than putting a “for sale” sign on your front lawn. As the seller, it’s your job to keep your home clean, fresh, and comfortable to give homebuyers the best idea of what it’d be like to live in your home all year round. Once you’ve put the work in, be accommodating to homebuyers and trust that your investment in your home will pay off.

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